Customer Charter

What you can expect from us

We are committed to ensuring every customer and visitor has an excellent experience when using Culture Perth & Kinross services or when visiting our venues. We will provide:

  • An accessible, friendly, safe, clean and comfortable environment in which all are welcome.
  • Excellent customer service from well-trained, informed and polite staff which ensures that you are dealt with promptly and efficiently.
  • As many of our collections and resources for public access and viewing as possible, determined by the venue space.
  • Accurate, clear and reliable information about our services, venues and collections on our website, our social media, in printed literature and in our venues. We will provide this information in a variety of formats including translations, and large print to meet individual customer needs.
  • A well-publicised programme of events, activities and learning opportunities to meet a broad range of cultural and creative interests and which is responsive to ongoing customer feedback.
  • Information on our performance including the number of visitors in the service and the levels of customer satisfaction we achieve.
  • An acknowledgement of any complaint you raise either immediately or within one working day and a full response from us within five working days.

How you can help us

You can help us deliver an excellent service by:

  • Always treating staff and other customers and visitors with respect and consideration.
  • Letting us know if you need a service to be provided in a different way to meet your individual needs.

We welcome your feedback

You can help us improve our services by:

  • Feeding back to staff directly.
  • Completing a comments card.
  • Participating in surveys, focus and friends’ groups.
  • Emailing or writing to us at the addresses below.
  • Completing an online form at

Contact details

AK Bell Library, 2-8 York Place, Perth PH2 8EP

Tel 01738 444949

If you would like more detailed information about giving feedback or lodging a complaint, please follow this link: Feedback and Complaints