A library membership allows you to borrow up to 24 books, including children’s books and audiobooks. There is no charge for late returns, and all books are completely free to borrow. If you join online, you can use our services straight away, but if you want to take any physical books out of the library, you’ll need to provide proof of ID.

How to join as an Adult

As an adult, you can join one of our libraries in person, simply by bringing along a proof of address.

How to join as a Child

If you want to join as a child at one of our libraries, come in with a parent or guardian bringing in something with the adult’s name and address on it’

Proof of ID

When we are looking for proof of identity, we need an official document with your name and address on it as proof of address, & if applicable, an official document as proof that you study or work in Perth & Kinross.

The need to have proof of identity is a security measure and is intended to help us protect our stock. By protecting the stock we can ensure that there is always a good choice for you when you visit.

Join online today

You can now join the library online and access the Digital Library Service by providing just a few basic details, including your email address.

If you join online and would like to borrow physical items from our libraries (including our mobile libraries) you can visit any Culture Perth and Kinross library to receive a full library membership card. All you need is proof of your name and address, which could be a driving licence, or a gas, electricity or telephone bill. It could also be a bank statement, or an original Council Tax Bill. With a full library membership card, you can also use your borrower number and PIN to get access to free wi-fi and public computers at all Culture Perth and Kinross libraries.

If you join online and use our digital e-library service, we recommend downloading your history before transferring to a full library membership card, so that you don’t lose this information. You should add any items currently in your ‘holds’ and ‘wish lists’ to your history before downloading/emailing it as well.