Fair Work Scotland Statement

Culture Perth and Kinross are working towards advancing the Fair Work First criteria.

We  recognise that Fair Work generates benefits to everyone and improves the impacts we can make as an organisation. The five dimensions of the Fair Work Framework are Effective voice, opportunities, security, fulfilment & respect.

Our aim is to deliver good quality and fair work through continuous improvement. This will give confidence to:

  • Our staff
  • The public
  • Our Funders and Stakeholders

We use the self-assessment tool on the Fair Work Convention Website to help us identify how we are doing and what more we can do. This document sets out where we are now and is under continual review.

  1. Employee Voice

We aim to give an effective voice to our staff and do this in a number of ways:

  • Individual and Team Meetings
  • Employee Review and Development Discussions
  • Delayed Office Opening Training and development sessions
  • Staff Surveys and questionnaires to help us understand their views.
  • We have a Joint Review Committee through which we consult on policy development, and this includes Trade Union representation.
  • We provide opportunities to engage with senior management through working groups, business breakfasts and other meetings and briefing sessions.
  • We have an open system to encourage the generation of new ideas and suggestions for service development and improvement.
  1. Opportunities and Fulfilment

 We invest in workforce development.

  •  We provide opportunities for young people through our Heritage Pathways programme.
  • We engage with government-funded programmes to support local employability such as No One Left Behind and Young Person’s Job Guarantee.
  • We encourage continuous learning at every stage of the employment journey. We offer it across the workforce, both in relation to specific roles and as wider development.
  • All staff participate in an annual programme of employee review and development.
  • We encourage, support and fund formal and informal training.
  • Our health and wellbeing strategy promotes and looks after the mental wellbeing of our staff and we have a network of Mental Health First Aiders and Wellbeing Champions across the organisation.
  • We recognise the commitment of our staff through long service recognition awards which include additional annual leave and unique gift.
  • All our staff are required to engage in training in equalities, unconscious bias, disability awareness and health and safety on commencement of employment and mandatory training content is reviewed and updated regularly.

We offer relevant job opportunities internally before we seek external appointments to give staff opportunities to broaden their skills, knowledge and experience.

  1. Security

We are an accredited Real Living Wage employer.

We do not use zero hours contracts.

  • Supply and casual contracts are only used when there is no alternative. Workers on these contracts are not compelled to accept work when offered.
  • We do not use supply and casual contracts to fill longer term vacancies.
  • Where possible we will use a fixed-term contract rather than a supply or casual contract.

We don’t use fire and rehire practices.

  • We will carry out full and meaningful consultation when changing employees’ contractual terms and conditions of employment and have a Managing Workforce Change Policy in place.
  • We will never use, or threaten to use, dismissal and immediate re-engagement practices.
  1. Respect

We have zero tolerance for bullying and/or harassment and have policies and procedures in place to address this should it arise.

We take action to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace:

  • We work to understand and address perceived barriers to employment with us.
  • We keep our recruitment procedures under review to ensure they are as accessible as possible.
  • We train our staff in Fair Recruitment practice.
  • We offer both in person and online options for interview and reimburse interview expenses.
  • We always advertise the salary for posts when recruiting.
  • We make interview questions available in advance to ensure people have the best opportunity to present their skills, knowledge and experience.
  • When recruiting, we offer help with relocation costs where appropriate.
  • We make adjustments so staff with disabilities can access the workplace and support their applications to Access to Work or other related benefits.
  • We support flexible working and offer a generous package of annual leave and flexitime working to help individuals balance work and non-work commitments.