Perthshire Seed Library

The Perthshire Seed Library is a partnership between the Perthshire Organic Gardeners and Culture Perth and Kinross Libraries.

The library aims to enable gardeners (experienced and novice!) to share a resource of open-pollinated seeds that suit local growing conditions, a library of knowledge and information plus the experience from local seed library volunteers.

Membership is £6 and covers training sessions, author events, talks from experts and a minimum of 6 packets of seeds.

How to join

To join the Perthshire Seed Library, you must be a member of Culture Perth and Kinross Libraries.  If you are not already a member of Culture Perth & Kinross Libraries, please follow this link to join the library service. You can join digitally and have instant access to our Digital Library.

Once you are a member of Culture Perth and Kinross Libraries, please follow this link to join the Perthshire Seed Library.

Once your application has been processed, you will receive some additional information about how the library works and how to deposit seeds.  If you would prefer a paper copy of the application form, please contact your local library.

How the Library works

Members can donate and/or receive seeds at their local library (including mobile libraries).  Donating seeds can take place throughout the year, and members will receive instructions on how to hand in their dried seeds.

Twice a year, in January and August, members will be sent an inventory of all the seeds available from the Perthshire Seed Library and a link to how to select a minimum of 6 packets of seeds (with a reserve list too).  The following month members will receive their seeds from their local library.

Members can receive the newsletter electronically, but paper copies will also be available for those members who do not have access to the internet/PC.

Perthshire Seed Library Facebook Group, Email contact and Events 

If you would like to share ideas and join a group of like-minded gardeners, please join us on the Perthshire Seed Library Facebook page.

If you have any queries or suggestions, you can contact the Perthshire Seed Library at [email protected].

Throughout the year, there will be training sessions, author events, talks and drop-in sessions at your local library.  Please check our What’s On page for more details on upcoming events.

From Soil To Seed – And Back Again!

This new project from Perthshire Seed  Library has been awarded funding from the Green Living Fund and will take place in 2024 at our Seed Crop Raising plot at Blackhaugh Community Farm in Spittalfield.

We’ll be holding a series of 6 or 7 vegetable raising and seed-saving skillshare workshops over spring and summer, where complete beginners and old hands alike can come together to share their knowledge on seed sowing, plant nurturing, compost and soil care and harvesting – as well as taking part in a range of gardening and seed-saving tasks. All this will be in the context and environment of sustainable, climate-friendly ways of working. A further outcome will be the completion of the plot facilities to incorporate crop isolation tunnels, a mini-greenhouse, a shed and – the heart of all horticulture – cold and hot composting units! Through enhancing our seed-saving capabilities and skillshare opportunities, this facility will benefit Seed Library members and activists across Perth & Kinross for many years to come. Priority free places exist for any residents and workers in Strathtay ward, but all Seed Library members can get involved and will be very welcome to attend wherever possible. Do get in touch if you’d like to find out more!

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