Healing Stones

Extract from MS249 The Atholl Experience

Blair saddle stone

For many hundreds of years, and almost to within living memory, the sick were taken to healing wells and stones as for many an invalid they were the last hope for a cure.  There were a great many of these in Perthshire and those wishing to be cured had to choose their well or stone carefully…

[In] Blair Atholl there was the famous Saddle Stone.  It is situated at the south end of Loch Loch in the midst of Ruigh na Diollaide, ‘Shieling of the saddle’, where the remains of 40 circular and rectangular shieling bothies are visible.  A strange tradition existed that if any lady who was not blessed with children sat on the Saddle Stone, she would in due course become the happy mother of a large family.

Source: The Atholl Experience, Volume 2 (2), p 61

Illustration: Braid-Allaban, Johan Blaeu extract of ‘Atlas Novus’, 1654

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