New art installation, Serpent of Capitalism by Walker & Bromwich, explores capitalism and its alternatives at Perth Museum

  • Published: June 10th 2022
Culture Perth & Kinross -

Culture Perth and Kinross are delighted to announce that Glasgow-based artists Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich will unveil a new and thought-provoking art installation at Perth Museum and Art Gallery this summer. Channelling the ancient Serpent Goddess – a symbol of creation and regeneration – this new installation, The Serpent of Capitalism, will invite audiences to think about capitalism in our society and what the alternatives might be.

To accompany the large-scale inflatable serpent sculpture, a series of drawings and photographs by Walker & Bromwich will re-imagine the shifting world around us and trace the shaping of societies, religions, ideas, and beliefs.

The serpent is a universal symbol found in creation stories from many cultures worldwide; from the Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent in Australia to the Judeo-Christian serpent story in the Garden of Eden. Often the Serpent is central to destructive creation myths through which the world is re-born.

The exhibition will also premiere two new films; Possible Dialogues Scotland #2 and The Serpent of Capitalism; documenting events that took place in Walker & Bromwich’s expansive artwork, Encampment of Eternal Hope, during last year’s COP26, which focused on amplifying Indigenous voices at this critical time and bringing people together to collectively find ways to re-align with earth’s living systems.

Possible Dialogues Scotland #2 will be simultaneously premiered at Documenta fifteen, a contemporary art exhibition held in Kassel, Germany, as part of the presentation by Más Arte Más Acción (MAMA) Colombia.

The Serpent of Capitalism is open from the 2nd of July to the 30th of October at Perth Museum and Art Gallery. Admission is by donation.

Thanks to Creative Scotland for their generous support of this project.

Image: The Serpent of Capitalism for Perth Museum – Taken by Stuart Humpage

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