Perth Museum reveals new staff team ahead of opening, bolstering local employment

  • Published: March 20th 2024
Culture Perth & Kinross -

Perth Museum has today unveiled its new staff team who will welcome visitors when it opens at the end of March. The appointments mark a significant milestone in the museum’s journey and highlights the boost to local employment which the new venue is delivering, with 29.5 full-time equivalent jobs having been created, representing 36 new posts.

These new positions encompass a range of roles, contributing to the vibrant cultural landscape of Perth and Kinross while offering valuable opportunities for employment and professional development within the community. Public-facing staff at the new museum were recruited earlier this year, through an application process that attracted over 300 applicants.

Ellen Bauchope, Cafe Supervisor at Perth Museum, said, “I’m delighted to be working as part of Perth Museum. It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring local history to the forefront of the Fair City’s story, increase tourism and footfall to the surrounding incredible independent businesses, and showcase the best of Perthshire’s heritage collections”.

A new uniform will be worn by all public-facing staff at the new Perth Museum and in the Café. Created by the Glasgow-based creative agency, Tangent, the design draws from the new Perth Museum brand identity. The design of each uniform piece introduces the colourful graphic representations of the Stone of Destiny both to highlight Perth Museum’s key attraction and invite visitors to see things from different perspectives.

The designs were developed with key considerations such as functionality, durability, suitability for all shapes and sizes, and visual appeal.

Speaking about the design process, Helen Smout, Chief Executive at Culture Perth and Kinross said, “ A visit to the Museum will be shaped by the warmth and openness of the welcome received and I am delighted that the new team responsible for ensuring just that are in place. They bring with them a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm which will ensure a great visit for all.  It is exciting to see everyone in their uniforms with the, wonderfully vibrant graphics that showcase the iconic Stone of Destiny. It’s a fresh, dynamic look that reflects the team’s passion and enthusiasm.”

The t-shirt and sweatshirt feature colourful, screen-printed graphic representations of the Stone of Destiny. Among the key considerations for Tangent during development included how to help staff stand out in a busy environment, and how to consistently convey both the historical importance of the Museum’s collections, as well as its playful, unexpected approaches to telling Perthshire and Scotland’s stories — important brand values which could be reinforced through the uniforms. The aim was not just to reflect professionalism but also environmental consciousness. The collaboration with Tangent resulted in a modern look while also incorporating eco-friendly practices, such as using the sweatshirt made from 15% recycled materials, reflecting the Museum’s dedication to sustainability.

Andrew Stevenson, Director of the creative agency Tangent, said, “We’ve been delighted to carry our extensive work on the Museum’s identity through to a variety of expressions for the Museum, including the staff uniforms which will be seen by every single person who visits. We’re excited to visit the Museum when it opens this month and see our designs brought to life, literally in this case.”

Perth Museum has been funded by £10m UK Government investment through the Tay Cities Deal and by Perth and Kinross Council; Perth Museum is a £27m transformation of the former City Hall. Through Nationally Recognised museum collections it will tell the story of Perth’s place in ancient and modern Scotland. The building has been designed by award-winning architects Mecanoo.


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