Muirton exhibition given new home online

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Building on the successful display at the North Inch Community Library, Once Upon a Time in the Muirton has expanded to become an online exhibition, creating access to memories of the Muirton neighbourhood of Perth to more people than ever before.

Much of the original Muirton housing no longer exists, but its memory is preserved through the stories and objects tied to the community. The online exhibition showcases many of these stories but also previews clips from an exciting new documentary produced by local filmmaker David Gillan in partnership with the ‘Once Upon a Time in the Muirton’ podcast team.

Complementary to the display at the North Inch Community Library, many stories, memories and images have been directly contributed by people who lived in Muirton. The website also allows people to contribute their tales, images, and stories of Muirton. These will be added to a growing collection that will inspire a curated display for the new Perth Museum, opening in Spring 2024.

Rhona Corbett, Head of Heritage and Culture, added, “working with the Once Upon a Time in the Muirton team has been a joy and bringing the stories of the community to life has been truly inspiring. We hope that with the next stage of this project, stories of the Muirton are not only shared internationally, with far flung Perth bairns, but we also collect new tales”.

You can visit the online exhibition and contribute here:

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