(Un)seen, (Un)heard: Celebrating Young LGBTQ+ Voices in Perth

  • AK Bell Library
  • February 27th to March 26th 2024
  • Admission Fee: Free - Drop in
  • Booking: Not Required
Culture Perth & Kinross -

This exhibition marks LGBT History Month 2024 and is delivered in partnership with LGBT Youth Scotland and GLOW. It is one of several events taking place in February as part of LGBT Youth Scotland’s (Un)Seen (Un)Heard project, which is capturing and sharing the experiences of young LGBT+ people across Scotland.

Throughout 2023, young people who attend the GLOW group took part in an oral history project in partnership with Perth &  Kinross Archive as part of the (Un)seen, (Un)heard project. The group visited the archive to go behind the scenes and learn more about archiving. They also learned about the history missing from the archives and the importance of preserving their own stories.

The young people then chose key topics about their lives they felt it was important for people to know about them. They learned some oral history interviewing techniques from the Scottish Council on Archives and Our Story Scotland and then interviewed each other to create the recordings that will be available to listen to at the exhibition alongside some artwork and objects selected and created by the young people. Visitors will also have the opportunity to share their own experiences and ask questions about the themes being explored through the exhibition.

Situated on the ground floor of the AK Bell Library, this exhibition will be open to view during the opening hours of the Library.

LGBT Youth Scotland is Scotland’s national charity for LGBTQ+ Young people. Our mission is to support 13-25 year olds across the country and support them to flourish and thrive in all aspects of their lives, through youth work, the charter programme and youth commissions. LGBT Youth Scotland supports LGBTQ+ young people to use their voices and create change in inequality and human rights.

In 2023 LGBT Youth Scotland celebrated its 20th anniversary by launching (Un)seen, (Un)heard: A project that aims to put LGBTQ+ young people at the heart of Scotland’s heritage. (Un)Seen, (Un)Heard is a 3-year social history project that captures LGBTQ+ young people’s experiences through gathering stories about work, family, health, education, and community. By working with local and national archives (Un)seen, (Un)heard will ensure young people’s voices are preserved for future generations and celebrated across Scotland today. Young people’s stories have been gathered in the form of art, poetry, oral histories, creative writing and more. This will be an accessible, engaging, and enduring resource Scotland can be proud of.

The LGBT Youth Scotland’s GLOW group has been running in Perth for over ten years across several different venues. Most recently, the group have been meeting in the AK Bell Library. The group meets weekly and provides a safe space for LGBT+ young people aged 13-25 to meet new people and make new friends. The group is well attended by young people living in Perth and the surrounding areas and gives young people the opportunity to develop their own projects and take part in a wide range of activities.