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  • A Story of the Cateran Trail in 100 Objects

    1st May 2018 Alyth Museum
    Inspired by Neil MacGregor’s History of the World in 100 Objects, this project invited people in the community to select objects that told an important aspect of the story of...
  • Dress to Impress

    26th May 2018 Perth Museum and Art Gallery
    Revealing rarely seen examples of traditional dress and accessories from China, Japan and Korea, drawn from Perth Museum & Art Gallery’s collection. Organised in partnership with National Museums Scotland. Supported...
  • World Cultures

    12th June 2018 Perth Museum and Art Gallery
    Ethnographers explore and compare the ways in which cultures differ and how aspects of life across the world are shared. The objects in the Perth Museum’s World Cultures collection were...
  • By Hammer and Hand

    30th June 2018 Perth Museum and Art Gallery
    Discover the fascinating story of the crafts and merchants that made Perth. Who were they, what did they make and sell, and why were they organised into Incorporated Trades and...
  • Vikings: Fearsome Craftsmen

    7th July 2018 Perth Museum and Art Gallery
    Uncover the true spirit of the Viking age. We know the Vikings as ferocious seagoing warriors - but this is only half of the picture. Travel back in time to...

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