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  • Vikings: Fearsome Craftsmen

    7th July 2018 Perth Museum and Art Gallery
    Uncover the true spirit of the Viking age. We know the Vikings as ferocious seagoing warriors - but this is only half of the picture. Travel back in time to...
  • Tetra-Decathlon

    7th August 2018 Strathearn Community Campus
    The Tetra-Decathlon is a gruelling 14-event track and field competition, requiring a unique combination of skills to complete. Having never set foot on a running track in her life, Lauren...
  • The Guildry Incorporation of Perth Talk

    7th August 2018 Perth Museum and Art Gallery
    ‘The Lockit Book’ is the earliest surviving record of guilds in Perth. It dates back to 1452 and gives a unique insight into life in Medieval Perth. In this intriguing...
  • An Evening with Award Winning Crime Writer Stephen Booth

    29th August 2018 Loch Leven Community Library
    Join crime novelist Stephen Booth as he talks about his best-selling Cooper and Fry series. A great opportunity to hear Stephen discuss his characters Ben Cooper and Diane Fry, as...
  • “Wild Fire” with Ann Cleeves

    19th September 2018 AK Bell Library
    Bestselling crime writer Ann Cleeves will be returning to the AK Bell Library in Perth to talk about her latest and last book in the Shetland series, Wild Fire. This...
  • Film Premiere: CIVES GRATIS! with Morwenna Kearsley

    28th September 2018 Perth Museum and Art Gallery
    This film was produced during Morwenna Kearsley year-long residency at Perth Museum and Galleries to celebrate the ongoing review of Perth’s collections. The film considers the museum as a site...
  • AK Bell: Doors Open Day

    29th September 2018 AK Bell Library
    Our Behind the Scenes and Treasures tours offer the opportunity to visit some areas not normally open to the public and see some of the special collections not kept on...
  • Perth Museum and Art Gallery: Door Open Day

    29th September 2018 Perth Museum and Art Gallery
    Discover what really goes on behind the scenes at Perth Museum and Art Gallery! The museum is home to more than half a million local, national and international objects, and...
  • Soutar House: Doors Open Day

    30th September 2018 Soutar House
    This was the home of Perth poet, William Soutar. The house retains much of the period, with oak panelled rooms, stained glass windows, ceramic fire surrounds and beautiful bookcases full...

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