Book Week Scotland: Watchmaking and Bedlam with Natasha Pulley

29th November 2017 AK Bell Library

Join us at Café Culture, AK Bell to discover author Natasha Pulley – who has taken the publishing world by storm.

Her first novel The Watchmaker of Filligree Street, was an international bestseller and an Amazon Book of the Month. Her second,The Bedlam Stacks, looks set to eclipse the first’s success. Natasha has taken historical facts and mixed them with supernatural undertones, to create an exciting new genre. Come along and find out more from this amazing author.

Natasha Pulley’s highly acclaimed debut, The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, was a historical fantasy thriller set in atmospheric, smoggy Victorian London and Japan, which features a mysterious Japanese watchmaker who can ‘remember the future’, a feisty young female physicist and a clockwork octopus called Katsu.

Her new novel, The Bedlam Stacks, is set mainly in Peru, where Merrick Tremayne has been sent by the India Office to collect some samples from the fiercely guarded cinchona trees which are the source of the quinine so desperately needed to combat malaria. But mysteries abound in the holy town of Bedlam, on the edge of the forest, where the statues appear to move and to enter means certain death, while the priest Raphael, ostensibly there to guide Merrick, seems to have an agenda all of his own…


Scottish Book Trust encouraged the people of Scotland to share their stories of life and food for their Book Week Scotland 2017 writing campaign, Nourish. From the hundreds of stories received, they pulled out their favourites. Together with tales from well-known writers such as Mary Contini, Liz Niven and Dave Myers, the selected stories can be accessed below.

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