Platform: The Oak Year – Artist’s Talk

28th March 2017 Perth Museum and Art Gallery

Intrigued by the oil paintings comprising Anne Gilchrist’s The Oak Year project spanning the floors of Perth Museum and Art Gallery and the multiple screens and walls of the Threshold artspace? Join the artist in her first public appearance in Perth and in conversation with Dr Yvonne Reddick, a published ‘ecopoet’ and Research Fellow in Modern English and World Literatures at the University of Central Lancashire.

My work is all about the natural world (particularly that found in Scotland). I use a diverse range of methods and styles to communicate – from careful observational drawings to woodland installations. I aim to connect people to an innate recognition of the natural world, to engender a strong sense of place, to foster an attachment to the local environment and to reawaken sensitivity to our surroundings. My practice reflects this: I work outside in situ a lot of the time and bring specimens into the studio to work from. In an increasingly urban and refined society I feel it is important to see the raw materials and to be aware of all the other organisms which share our planet. Anne Gilchrist

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