Platform: The Oak Year 2.0 Anne Gilchrist

25th March - 1st April 2017 Perth Concert Hall - Threshold Art Space

Follow the trail of Anne Gilchrist’s oil paintings around the multiple screens and walls of the Threshold artspace. Explore the seasonal changes in the yearly life cycle of an ancient Perthshire woodland, oak leaf by oak leaf, luminous pixel by pixel, brush stroke by brush stroke.

Enjoy this first comprehensive display of Anne Gilchrist’s The Oak Year project which now spans two adjacent venues: The Sculpture Court and Threshold artspace. The Oak Year started in April 2014 with the artist’s year-long residency on the shores of Loch Tay. Years later the initial 24 large-scale oil paintings depicting hundreds of individual oak leaves are re-invented as a slow moving panorama across a wave of 22 screens showing in the context of related works on paper, wood and single screen by Anne Gilchrist in collaboration with Iga Gozdowska.

I painted them all ­– from tiny emergent leaves breaking the monotonous brown of winter, through the bright green of spring, the tough, dark leaves of summer, the colour bursts of autumn and back again to the browns of winter.Anne Gilchrist

Open later on performance evenings.

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