“The Hebrides” with Paul Murton

8th September 2017 AK Bell Library

Paul Murton is well known as a documentary film maker whose work includes Grand Tours of Scotland and Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands. He grew up in rural Argyll and has been an inveterate traveller since his teenage years.

In his latest book Paul visits each of the Hebridean islands in turn, introducing their myths and legends, history, culture and extraordinary natural beauty. In addition he also meets the people who live there and learns their story. He has met crofters, fishermen, tweed weavers, Gaelic singers, clan chiefs, artists, postmen and bus drivers – people from every walk of life who make the islands tick. This blend of the contemporary and the traditional creates a vivid account of the Hebrides and serves as unique guide to the less well known aspects of life among the islands.
There will be a book signing after the talk with support from Waterstone’s Perth.

Ticket for this illustrated talk are £5.00 and available from the AK Bell Library or book online with Eventbrite (online booking fee applies).

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