Royal Society of Biology 2016 Photographic Exhibition

3rd February - 26th February 2017 Breadalbane Community Library Strathearn Community Library North Inch Community Library

If you enjoyed Planet Earth 2 or have an interest in the natural World, don’t miss this exhibition. Come and see a selection of stunning photographs from the winners and finalists of the Royal Society of Biology 2016 Photographic Competition on the theme of Biology: from Big to Small.

From nanotechnology to the world’s largest sewage systems; from the arid landscapes of Australia to colourful lichen encrusting trees in a suburban garden; from zooplankton to an avalanche – we invited amateurs to use photography to explore interactions between the macro and the micro in biology – from tiny fish creating huge shoals, to algal blooms suffocating a river ecosystem, or microorganisms eating plastic waste in our oceans.

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