Platform: Everything Woven Together – Susan Mowatt

25th March - 1st April 2017 Perth Concert Hall - Threshold Art Space

Enjoy the first display in Perth of the award-winning tapestry installation Black/time/lines/white/time/lines (2016) alongside a newly commissioned artist’s film by Perth-born contemporary artist Susan Mowatt.

Grab your chance to see the work awarded the Cordis Prize for Tapestry in 2016, the only award of its kind in the UK, by Perth-born and Dunbar-based contemporary artist Susan Mowatt. Entitled Black/time/lines/white/time/lines (2016), this award-winning piece is showing fittingly alongside a newly commissioned artist’s film as part of Horsecross Arts collection of contemporary art.

“The idea was being about spending time with the actual fibre material, when the whole world seems to be moving away from tangible stuff and into screen activity. I started weaving lines and then unweaving them and seem to have ended with both a tapestry and a film.” Susan Mowatt

Open later on performance evenings.

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