Platform: Pieces of Woodland – Anne Gilchrist

28th February - 30th March 2017 Scottish Natural Heritage Centre

Scottish Natural Heritage Centre Conference Centre presents a site-specific exhibition of by Anne Gilchrist

“Blending my paintings so completely into the landscape that you may not notice them if you didn’t know they were there, is the greatest tribute I can pay to the woodlands. My work steps backwards into its surroundings. The opposite of graffiti, it self-effaces, letting the landscape itself be the major player.

I also create works that reflect on the vulnerability and preciousness of the natural world. As we head into our “twenty-first century” I feel ever more strongly the need to express in my art the lives and needs of other organisms we share the planet with.

I love working outside in the woodlands of Scotland. It’s always interesting and gives me a sense of deep peace and belonging. I love joining the community of plants and creatures for a while, watching, listening, observing, learning. It’s important for me to look away from the heavily humanised world and take time just to be there in the landscape, with no agenda other than observation, acknowledgment and reverence.”

Anne couldn’t resist exploring the grounds here at Battleby and creating a few pieces. Look out for jigsaw pieces in the gardens round the house and two installations in the woods over the road.

Some of the pieces in this exhibition are for sale.

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    • 09:00 - 16:30
    • Suitable for All Ages
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