Platform: Jolanta Dolewska – Reservoir

25th March - 1st April 2017 Perth Concert Hall - Threshold Art Space

Reservoir: photography exhibition by Artist-in-Residence at Perth Youth Theatre and Perth Theatre Archive.

In Reservoir, Jolanta Dolewska transposes photographs from negatives inherited from her late father together with her own photographs.

Her father’s archive of family photographs, technical documentation, school photography and portraiture were taken over a period of his life as a photographer. Dolewska uses these photographs as the departure point for her personal enquiry in considering different possibilities and interpretations, with a desire to develop a discourse around found images. Using content originating from different registers she aims to augment the ambiguity of perception in looking at photographs.

The work addresses themes of alienation and displacement. Rather than a single photograph showing a decisive event, she chooses to work with decontextualised images. In doing so, she creates subtle points of interconnectivity across the genres of portraiture, landscape, abstraction and still life.

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