PANTHEON: Gods, spirits and sacred objects

24th November 2018 - 26th May 2019 Perth Museum and Art Gallery

PANTHEON: Gods, spirits and sacred objects
From the Permanent Collection of Perth Museum and Art Gallery

Since the earliest traces of human culture to the present day, different communities across continents have perceived spiritual realms, populated by divine beings and all-powerful deities. Devotees might expect to be guided, protected or even rewarded by the gods or spirits they worship. Those who transgress eternal laws might, however, face punishment by vengeful spirits or persecution by terrifying demons.

This exhibition of objects from Perth Museum and Art Gallery’s Permanent Collection explores how different cultures conceive the hidden powers that guide our lives. From the guardian spirits of our ancestors to almighty creator gods, how do we interact with this hidden world? What role does ritual have in summoning the divine and how can the gods guide or protect us?
From Ancient Egypt to the Aztec Empire; from the major world religions each with millions of followers to the forgotten deities of prehistoric Perthshire, step into a world of gods and meet your makers.

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