Vikings: Fearsome Craftsmen

7th July - 23rd September 2018 Perth Museum and Art Gallery

Uncover the true spirit of the Viking age.

We know the Vikings as ferocious seagoing warriors – but this is only half of the picture. Travel back in time to discover how the creative mastery of these Fearsome Craftsmen helped shaped their world.

This interactive exhibition brought to you by the creators of Jorvik Viking Centre brings you face-to-face with an excavated Viking skeleton and the skilled workmanship of metalcrafts, woven cloth and  a 15ft replica Viking fishing boat. Explore our family-friendly replica Viking house and experience the what it was like to be a Viking Blacksmith – the craftsmen who became the stuff of myths and legends.

In this exhibition you can see how Vikings made everything they needed from natural materials. Antler, bone and horn could be turned into combs, knife handles and jewellery. Wood was vital for everything from houses and furniture to spoons and bowls. Leather from animal hides made shoes, belts and scabbards. Smiths turned ores into iron, lead and copper. Potters made clay into pottery. Dyed and woven wool was transformed into colourful cloth.



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