Encounter – Frank To

24th March - 31st March 2018 Perth Museum and Art Gallery

24 – 31 March: Encounters of the other Kind

Encounter brings Frank To Fine Artist with the Old Masters to showcase new work at this week-long exhibition.

To encounter is to step into the unknown. It’s the sensation of experiencing something daring and sometimes the unfamiliar. This was the case for artist Frank To when he decided to defer the final year of his degree at art school 2002 in favour of travel and the study the Old Masters’ works in Europe.

The exhibition focuses on the artist’s perception of the use of drawing as the traditional training method for artists, as well as the ‘encounter’ of studying the artworks of the Old Masters.

Inspired by his research with the Perth Museum & Art Gallery permanent collection this exhibition includes new large drawings by Frank and a new copper-plate gunpowder work for the collection.

Frank To use this experience of encountering the art works to improve his technical and conceptual abilities which is now central in his own practice and teaching at Perth College UHII which he lectures at.

Perth Museum closed Monday 25 March.

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