Digital Skills Workshops

28th April - 30th June 2017 AK Bell Library

CPK are offering free weekly Digital Skills Workshops at AK Bell, Alyth Library and Birnam Library. Adults are welcome to drop in on any week to learn more about your device and apps.

You can also sign up to our programme, ‘Learn My Way’, which offers the following courses:

  • Using Your Computer or device
  • Finding a job online
  • Online basics
  • Improving your health online
  • More internet skills
  • Managing your money online
  • Online safety
  • Public services online

To book, phone or come into AK Bell, Alyth or Birnam Library. Workshops are offered weekly on the following days:

Tuesdays 2-4:30 at AK Bell Library

Thursdays 2-4:30 at Alyth Library

Fridays 2-4:30 at Birnam Library

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