An audience with Adam Hamdy (Book Week Scotland Event)

30th November 2017 Loch Leven Community Library

A Book Week Scotland event not to be missed! Enjoy and evening of suspense with author, screenwriter and filmmaker, Adam Hamdy, as he discusses his successful career and reads from his latest book Freefall which features John Wallace.

James Patterson hailed Adam Hamdy’s first John Wallace novel, Pendulum, as ‘one of the best thrillers of the year’ saying he read it in ‘one gloriously suspenseful weekend’. Now Freefall continues as another rip-roaring, roller-coaster of a psychological thriller where twists and turns abound. Eight months after confronting Pendulum, John Wallace is losing himself in a dangerous warzone in a misguided attempt at penance for what he has done. But an assassination attempt makes Wallace realise that he has once again been targeted for death. This time, Wallace is prepared and whilst tracking down his would-be assassin, he discovers a link to his nemesis, Pendulum.

The link is the missing piece of a puzzle that has tormented FBI Agent Christine Ash ever since they confronted Pendulum, but with no Bureau support she has been unable to progress her case. Wallace’s proof breaks it, but also exposes them both to terrible danger.

Freefall is a fast paced thrilled that will have you gripped from the first page.


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