A Story of the Cateran Trail in 100 Objects

1st July - 24th September 2017 Alyth Museum

Inspired by Neil MacGregor’s History of theWorld in 100 objects, this project invites people who live and work around or visit the Cateran Trail, and those who visit, to select objects that they believe tell an important part of the story of this part of Scotland across history.

Over the next few monthsfolk of all ages will be helping to make the sound archive for The Story Box, choosing the final objects for A Story of the Cateran Trail in 100 Objects. They’ll be stitching new textiles inspired by taerial photography and place name research done for the Common Ground project.

To find out about events happening locally visit the Cataran’s Common Wealth website.

Image: The Laing Photographc Collection, A Co-operative Society Gala Day, Summer 1933

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