A History of the Monuments of Strathearn

21st September 2017 Strathearn Community Library

A talk on the debates and issues surrounding the creation of Strathearn’s war memorials. Following the First World War the communities of Strathearn needed to commemorate their war dead. The journey to do so was played out in the pages of the local press and resulted in a series of monuments that reflected the priorities of the generation that survived the war. Dr Ann Petrie will shed light on this little known aspect of local history and pose questions that are as pertinent today a century after their creation.

Dr Ann Petrie is an honorary research fellow at the University of Dundee and continues to take an interest in all matters relating to the First World War.

As part of the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology esteemed academic, Dr. Ann Petrie will be presenting a history of the nationally important War Memorials of Strathearn. This event should help stimulate interest and a sense of pride in these significant memorials which form part of the local landscape

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