£2 Talk: Frances Law – Voices from the River: Art & Archaeology in Coupar Angus

14th June 2017 Perth Museum and Art Gallery

Join us for a summer night at the Museum with £2 talk by Frances Law, plus tea, coffee and cake and half price entry into new exhibition Picts and Pixels, £2 instead of £4.

For 8 months in the last year, Frances Law has been working with the community of Coupar Angus on a project which has revealed a chronological, cultural and social history of the town.

Excavating beneath the silt in the Coupar Angus Burn in Perthshire with members of the local community, an abundance of old and new artefacts has been found. Once cleaned and on display these objects captured the imagination of members of the local community, who came forward with so many stories, providing a rich collage of history with different meanings for different people at different times; an invaluable inter-generational voice of experiences with the Burn and the area.

Frances talks you through the process, findings and working with the community to create the Voices from the River exhibition. The talk will be followed by an artist-led tour through the exhibition.

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