JD Fergusson Arts Awards Trust

The J. D. Fergusson Arts Award Trust aims to encourage promising Scottish artists by giving an annual award. Awards are given in alternating years for exhibition (development and production of new work) and travel (research and development).

Applying for the J D Fergusson Arts Award

The award is open to artists working in any visual arts discipline, within the following criteria:

  • If you were born in Scotland or have spent more than half your life resident in Scotland.
  • Any professional training undertaken was completed three years ago or more.
  • Any awards or support received (e.g. residencies, grants) within the last two years were not over the value of £1,000 on any one occasion.
  • You are not an elected member of any of the major award giving artistic bodies, e.g. RSA, RSW.
  • You have not previously won the J D Fergusson Arts Award.

The closing date for applications is 31 October each year.

Find out how to apply for the 2018 J D Fergusson Arts Award.

Past J D Fergusson Arts Award Winners

Year Winner Theme
2017 Janeanne Gilchrist Exhibition
2016 Jennifer Argo Travel
2015 Susheila Jamieson Exhibition
2014 Fiona Maher Travel
2013 Debbie Lawson Exhibition
2012 Michelle de Bruin and  Emma Noble Travel
2011 Katie Lowery Exhibition
2010 Robert Ward Travel
2009 Clare Yarrington Exhibition
2008 Gillian Forbes Travel
2007 Jean Duncan Exhibition
2006 Eve Thomson Travel
2005 Jim Bond Exhibition
2004 Anne Devine Travel
2003 Clare Blois Exhibition
2002 Daisy Richardson Travel
2001 Shona Leitch Exhibition
2000 Elaine Wilson Travel
1999 Blair Millen Exhibition
1998 Cath Keay Travel
1997 Arran Ross Exhibition


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