What is a Mummy?

Mummification takes place once a dead body has been treated to preserve it for the afterlife. There are 13 steps involved in Mummification (embalming).

  1. Put the corpse on the operating table
  2. Taking out the brain
  3. Taking out the viscera – liver, lungs, stomach and intestines
  4. The cleaning of the body cavities and viscera.
  5. Embalming the viscera
  6. Temporary stuffing of the chest and abdominal cavities
  7. Drying out of the body with natron
  8. Removal of the temporary stuffing material.
  9. Packing the body cavities with permanent stuffing material
  10. Anointing the body
  11. Packing the face openings
  12. Smearing the skin with molten resin
  13. Adorning and bandaging the mummy

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