The Mummy Detectives

Our mummy detectives were Mark Hall – Curator in Perth Museum and Art Gallery and Dr Lidija McKnight – Research Associate.

Mark Hall

Mark is in charge of looking after all the Archaeology sections in the museum including the Egyptology and the mummy.

He travelled to Manchester with the mummy in June 2013. You can read Mark’s blog, telling us about what happened that day.

Dr. Lidija McKnight

I began studying mummified animal remains in 1999 as a dissertation project during my BSc in Archaeology at the University of York.

Following this, I completed an MSc in Biomedical and Forensic Studies in Egyptology at the University of Manchester, with a project which studied the mummified faunal remains in the Manchester Museum collection using non-invasive diagnostic imaging modalities.

I conducted my PhD research at the KNH Centre studying three major UK collections from Bristol City Museum, Bolton Museum and the Garstang Museum, University of Liverpool. Methods included the application of diagnostic clinical radiography (X-ray and CT scanning) to study the contents of wrapped mummy bundles.

I am currently employed as a Research Associate working on this project.

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