Our Mummy Mission

Our mission led us around the world looking for clues and experts at Manchester University who shed light on what this messenger from the past had to tell us.

A number of challenges stood between us and the truth about our Mummy, and we used some impressive, modern-day tools to overcome them.

We were able to bring to life a story that had been secret for over 3,000 years! We cracked the code of what she was telling us, and added to the world’s understanding of a period in history that still inspires huge interest today.

What did we already know about Ancient Egyptians?

We already had a number of ‘clues’ in our Museum collection that give us some information on what life was like for an Egyptian who lived all those thousands of years ago at the time of our Perth Mummy.

Pages from an Egyptian Book of Death, mummified hands and a mummified Ibis (bird) are all part of our collection and we explored what they tell us in the months past

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