Strathmore Meteorite

On December 3rd 1917, a cold clear winters day, many people in east central Scotland witnessed at meteor, at around 1pm, enter the atmosphere east of Dunbar. It left a bright trail across the sky. The meteor passed north west over Fife and the Sidlaws Hills where it broke up in mid-air.

Four of the meteorite fragments were recovered along a ten kilometre line from Corston in Angus to Essendy in Perthshire. The largest weighed 9.9 kilograms (22 pounds). On display in the Wild and Wonderful Perthshire gallery is the fragment found at South Corston Farm near Coupar Angus. It weighs one kilogram (2 pounds). Although farm workers saw it fall, it was not found until four days later in a six-inch deep hole in the farmhouse lawn.

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