Hempitera Insect Collections

The hemiptera are the group of Insect that includes shield bugs, aphids, scale insects, cicadas, plant-hoppers, water boatmen and pond skaters.  The collection contains 10,000 specimens collected around the world with 3,000 from Britain. Material came from collectors in New Zealand , Brazil, France, Madeira and the East Indies, including specimens from the famous naturalist, Alfred Russell Wallace (1823-1919), who co-discovered the theory of evolution.

This is the most important insect collection at Perth because it includes 13 type specimen. The collection was brought together by the leading Scottish naturalist, Francis Buchanan White (1842-1894). He studied the hemiptera and described 130 new species. The collection is split, with half held by Perth Museum & Art Gallery and the rest at Natural History Museum, London.  The Buchanan White Collection is backed up by archive manuscript notes, cabinet catalogue, annotated books and lists.  There is also a useful library of books and volumes on hemiptera owned by Buchanan White.

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