Perthshire Landscapes

A Masterpiece of 19th century Scottish Romantic Art

Perth has a large collection of paintings, drawings and prints of the Perthshire landscape. These date from the 17th century to the present. One of the best known is Loch Katrine by Horatio McCulloch, painted in 1866.

More than any other artist of the Victorian period McCulloch portrayed the ‘romantic’ image of the Highlands. His work is regarded as having a distinctively Scottish character.

His painting of Loch Katrine is one of the most iconic images from Perth’s collection. McCulloch used the text from Sir Walter Scott’s poem the Lady of the Lake (1810) as his source material:

‘The summer dawn’s reflected hue
To purple changed Loch Katrine’s blue
Mildly and soft the western breeze,
Just kissed the Lake, just stirr’d the trees’

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