Kennaway – Charles Gray Kennaway (1860-1925)

From Baker’s son to Art Master; Charles Gray Kennaway was born in Perth (9 February 1860) and died in Perth (1925)

Things to know about Charles

  • Charles was born in Perth the son of Charles Gray Kennaway (a baker) and his wife Elizabeth Keiller (of the Dundee marmalade making family)
  • Charles was educated at Perth Academy
  • Charles took art lessons from William Proudfoot in Perth
  • Charles enrolled at the Royal College of Art in London where he studied for 7 years
  • Charles spent the summer of 1887 studying in Paris
  • Charles was Art Master at Sharp’s Institution in Perth
  • Charles was appointed Principal of the Athenaeum School in Glasgow in 1892 a post he held for the next 8 years
  • Charles and his Danish wife set up an artist’s colony at Dinan in the early 1900s
  • Charles exhibited widely at the major art exhibitions in the UK
  • Charles lived latterly in Torquay
  • Charles died on a holiday to visit family in Perth during which time he installed a series of painted panels he had executed depicting heroines from Sir Walter Scott’s novels in the Kennaway Tea Rooms at the corner of South Street and St John Street and which unfortunately no longer survive

Works by Charles Gray Kennaway in Perth Museum and Art Gallery

(It is not possible to show the entire collection at any one time, to view material not on display please contact the Art Section to make an appointment)

Oil paintings

  • Songs Without Words, oil on canvas, about 1910
  • The Bride, oil on canvas, 1924
  • Portrait of the Artist’s Mother Elizabeth Keiller, oil on canvas, about 1900
  • Portrait of David M MacKay of General Accident, oil on canvas, 1909
  • Self Portrait, oil on canvas, 1923
  • Self Portrait, tempera on panel, November 1902
  • Portrait of George Thomson Cairncross, oil on canvas, 1912
  • Posthumous Portrait of James Charles Cairncross, oil on canvas, 1923
  • The Fishing Fleet, Aberdeen Harbour, oil on canvas, about 1911


  • On the Rance, watercolour on paper, about 1904
  • Les Vieux Moulins, watercolour on paper, about 1904
  • Cider Press, Brittany, watercolour on paper, about 1904
  • Fishing Boats, Brittany, watercolour on paper, about 1904
  • View of Dinan, watercolour and gouache on paper, about 1904
  • Deer by a Loch, watercolour on paper, not dated

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Exeter Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace, reproductive print after Charles Gray Kennaway

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