People of Atholl: Charles Christie, 1816-1901

Extract from MS249 The Atholl Experience

Valet and afterwards House Steward at Dunkeld, Charles was born in Blair Atholl in 1816 and entered the service of Duchess Marjorie (second wife of the 4th Duke) as a footman in 1834.  During Queen Victoria’s first visit to the Highlands in 1842 Charles performed the Sword Dance ‘displaying great alacrity and expertness in executing the steps’ (Queen Victoria).  Music for the dancing was provided by John Macpherson, Pipe Major of the Atholl Highlanders.

Charles was also a curler of repute, being the first player in the ‘first rink’, one of the teams participating in the Dunkeld Curling Club League, inaugurated in 1834.  Later in the century the First Rink was captained by George, the 6th Duke of Atholl.

Charles became Valet and Groom of the Chamber of the 6th Duke and afterwards House Steward to the Dowager Duchess Anne from 1864 till her death on 18 May 1897.

Source: John Kerr, The Atholl Experience Vol 9 (1), p5

Illustration: Charles Christie, Sergeant in the Atholl Highlanders, 1893. Reproduced with kind permission of Atholl Estates

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