Atholl Charters

Extract from MS249 The Atholl Experience

The Atholl Experience lists details of charters, crown charters, retours and instruments of sasine relating to the lands in Atholl, held in a number of different archives.

“[In] 1625, King Charles I signed a warrant for a charter in favour of Sir Patrick Murray of the Earldom of Atholl, with the Castle of Blair and Forest of Cluny, the lands and barony of Foss, the lands of Glenericht, Kirktown of Strowan, mill and mill-lands thereof, Forest of Glengarrie, right of patronage of the parish of Strowan, lands of Fincastle, lands and barony of Garth, lands and tennadry of Logierait, which had all been resigned in his favour by the said William, Earl of Tullibardine, Thomas Edmiston, burgess of Edinburgh, Sir Archibald Stewart of Finnart, Knight, and Sir John Blair of Balgillo, Knight, to be held by him for rendering of a red rose at the Castle of Blair on the feat-day of St John the Baptist [and] for the Earldom of Atholl, one silver penny for the Forest of Cluny, service used and wont for the other lands and £20 for the lands of Fincastle.”

“1721 Agreement between John, Duke of Atholl, superior of the lands of Ballidmond, and Finlay Ferguson of Balidmond, his vassal, whereby it was agreed that in terms of an Act of Parliament for securing the peace of the Highlands, the services called personal attendance, hosting, hunting, watching and warding due by the second party to the first party should be converted into an annual payment of £4 Scots (being £2 Scots for each merk of the 2 merklands whereof the said lands consist).  At Logierait 14th April 1721.

Witnesses, John Stewart of Balnakilie, Mr Alexander Murray secretary to the Duke, Thomas Bissat, clerk of the Regality of Atholl and William Murray, writer, Perth.  Signed by the parties and witnesses.”

Sources: John, Seventh Duke of Atholl, K.T., Chronicles of the Atholl and Tullibardine Families, (1908) Vol 1, pp 96-97; The Atholl Experience, Volume 2 (2) History of Atholl, Chapter 9, Selection of Atholl Charters

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