Extract from MS249 The Atholl Experience


G. Alltan dubh  Little Black Stream: A common name describing the colour of the water, blackened by peat.

Map References

1747-55 Ald-Dow Military Survey of Scotland by William Roy
1780 Auldandue Plan of Blair by James Stobie
1790 Auldandow Draught of the Barony of Lude
1808 Aldandow Plan of Commonty …, by David Buist


Stobie in 1780 described the area thus: 23.  Auldandue  Arable acres 25.510.

[In] 1802 the farms of Dail na Goillsaich and Alltandubh and Pit an Easaidh were taken over by His Grace [the Duke of Atholl] and added to his sheep pasture in Glen Tilt.  The farm was sown with clover
ms249-19-152-Alltandubh-gab Stobie’s map shows 4 to 5 buildings, while Buist in 1808 shows 6., by which time it was in ruins.  Fieldwork reveals the footings of 8 buildings, some extant to 3 feet and with one prominent gable end in the late 20th century.  There is also an enclosure and the remains of a corn-drying kiln.

Source: John Kerr, The Atholl Experience Vol 19 p 254
Illustrations: Section of James Stobie’s Plan of Blair in Atholl, 1780, reproduced by kind permission of Atholl Estates. Photograph of one remaining gable end of old settlement of Alltandubh, The Atholl Experience Vol 19 p 254

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