Community Collections

The Archive holds a large number of collections created by local people, organisations and communities. To help you find the collections most useful to your research, we have created summaries within popular themes.

Estate papers

Estate papers are those of local landed families and frequently span more than two or three hundred years. They can reflect the lives and occupations of tenants and employees as well as the domestic, economic and political concerns of the incumbent families, while providing insight into agricultural and industrial development.

 Download estate papers summaries [62kb]

Business and industry

The business and industry summaries include collections created by law firms and their clients, by manufacturers, retailers and other commercial institutions. They often include financial and administrative records, title deeds and other legal papers, advertising ephemera and plans. They may also include personal and recreational papers.

 Download summaries for business and industry collections [78kb]

Union, guilds and associations

Collections created by trades unions, guilds and societies, as well as party political associations, offer information about their activities and members.

 Download summaries for union, guild and association records [68kb]

People, family and community

Collections in this group include the personal papers of individuals, as well as genealogical material relating to particular families and histories of specific towns or villages. These records provide valuable insights into change and development over the centuries and provide a window into people’s lives.

 Download summaries for the people, family and community collections [103kb]

Religion and philanthropy

Most kirk session and other church records are held at the National Records of Scotland, but a few collections relating to local churches and congregations are held by us, as are records relating to some local charities.

 Download summaries for the religion and philanthropy collections [49kb]

Education, leisure and recreation

These collections provide insights into people’s activities and aspirations, and often include members’ details.

 Download summaries for education, leisure and recreation collections [82kb]

 Download a list of plans and collections on cinemas in Perthshire [43kb]

Politics and the state

These collections document the activities of individuals and organs of the state, including the military, and local administrative organisations.

 Download summaries of the political and state collections [39kb]

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