As a library member, you can download e-magazines directly onto your device.

To use this fantastic free service you will need a Perth and Kinross library membership, internet access and a compatible device.

If you’re already a library member and have a RB Digital (or Zinio) account:

Download an e-magazine now >

If you’re not a member and if you live or work in Perth and Kinross, why not join the library to use this service.

Get started

There are just 2 steps required before you can start downloading e-magazines:

  1. Validate your library membership number and create an account on the Zinio e-magazine site.
  2. Depending on device, you may also need to download some free software (see below)

Download Zinio Reader

Your computer

Download Zinio Reader from the Zinio website, or stream online with most modern web browsers, no software required.

Apple device

Download the Zinio Reader from the App store.

Open the App Store on your device and search for “Zinio for Libraries “.

Android device

Download the Zinio Reader from the Google Play store.

Open the Google Play Store on your device and search for “Zinio for Libraries”.

Kindle Fire HD/HDX device

Amazon has chosen not to list the Zinio app for Kindle Fire within their web store. However you can follow the instructions for downloading the app in the Help section on the Zinio e-magazine site.

Magazine titles available

See our full Zinio Magazine Collection.

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