Young Heritage Ambassadors

Hello and welcome to the Young Heritage Ambassadors scheme!

The YHA scheme is run by Culture Perth & Kinross, the charitable trust responsible the museums and libraries in Perth & Kinross.

How do I become a Young Heritage Ambassador?

Download the Young Heritage Ambassadors Project Pack. This includes information about the scheme, guidance on how to get started with your project, and details of how to submit your project and become a YHA.

What are the Young Heritage Ambassadors?

The Young Heritage Ambassadors award scheme is open to young people in Perth & Kinross up to age 18.

Heritage is another word to describe history. This may be something that happened a long time ago or just a few years ago. The interesting old buildings in your local area could also be heritage.

Heritage could also be something that a group of people do and is passed from one generation to the next. For example, heritage can be a way of life or culture, including songs, stories and traditions.

An ambassador is somebody who can come together with other similar people. They may share what they know or act as a representative or mentor.

So Young Heritage Ambassadors are young people who explore and discover local history and share it with others.

Why join the Young Heritage Ambassadors?

You’ll receive support from CPK for your project, along with the following:

  • Recognition and celebration of your achievements at an annual celebration event in June
  • A Young Heritage Ambassadors wrist band and certificate
  • Invitations to family exhibition previews throughout the year
  • Quarterly YHA newsletter highlighting upcoming events, exhibitions and YHA opportunities
  • Yearly invitation to a young people’s focus group to help inform what’s happening across CPK
  • One free child ticket to CPK charged exhibitions

Please help support us

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