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The school offer at CPK’s Museums and Galleries is firmly grounded in Curriculum for Excellence. Workshops at the Museum support pupil development, and increase awareness of different types of resources and evidence of the past. Varied activities support a range of different learning styles and workshops give pupils the opportunity to exercise their curiosity and creativity in thinking and learning. The following workshops are available to book now:

HISTORY workshops – People, Past Events and Perth

Length of workshop: 2 hours

Content: Join us for a fun, interactive and inspiring exploration of our objects and the stories behind them. Pupils will begin by awakening their detective skills and find out all they can about our mystery museum visitor and the evidence he (or she) has left behind. This exercise is designed to encourage pupils to think about sources of evidence as clues to the past and how we can use them to understand it. The workshop will then focus on a topic of your choosing from the list below:

  • ROMANS – Life on the Frontier: How do we know the Romans came to Perth? What was life on the frontier like for the Romans? All these questions and more will be answered in this hands-on interactive workshop.  Pupils will learn how archaeologists have tried to answer some of these questions and then examine the evidence themselves. They will finish by making a souvenir of their visit to remind them of their learning back at school.
  • MEDIEVAL – Tales and trade in Medieval Perth: Enter the world of 15th Century Perth, a busy, bustling trading port with a regular Royal visitor and a Battle of the Clans. See what Perth looked like at the time and recreate stories by trying on our medieval clothes and writing with quill pens. Discover how archaeology has been crucial to understanding this key part of Perth’s history.
  • VICTORIANS – Lives once lived, exploring Victorian ways of life: Everyday life has changed enormously since the nineteenth century. Washing, cooking, cleaning and the jobs we do today are all very different.  In this interactive workshop pupils will touch, explore and record how everyday objects and their uses have changed over time.
  • WORLD WAR II – Home Life: What was life like for people living in Perth during the Second World War? How did life change for people during this time? Pupils will investigate objects, costume and documents allowing them to consider the answers to these questions themselves.
  • 20th CENTURY – Changing Technologies: The Museum has collected objects both extraordinary and ordinary since Victorian times. By investigating them they tell a story of change and how people have adapted technologies to reflect changing needs. Pupils will have opportunity to consider how and why everyday objects have been adapted or changed to meet our needs today, by investigating objects, and exploring our galleries.
  • ANCIENT EGYPT – Meet Takherheb, the Perth Mummy: Takherheb, the 3000 year old Egyptian mummy, was donated to Perth Museum in the 1930s and provides a rare opportunity for us to be so close to objects from this ancient culture. Pupils will have a chance to see Takherheb behind-the-scenes, and learn about the mummification process. They will also find out about Takherheb’s story to the present day and create an Egyptian souvenir to remind them of their visit.

Curriculum levels: All workshops are suitable for Early, First and Second level groups. Please discuss your objectives with us before you arrive and we can tailor the visit to suit you. Workshops will cover the following curriculum levels:

Early Level First Level Second Level
SOC 0-04a, 0-16a 1-01a, 1-02a, 1-03a, 1-04a 2-02a, 2-03a, 2-04a, 2-06a, 2-14a
LIT 0-02a, 0-04a, 0-07a, 0-16a 1-02a, 1-07a, 1-08a, 1-09a, 1-10a 2-02a, 2-07a, 2-09a, 2-10a
EXA 0-04a, 0-05a 1-01a, 1-04a, 1-13a, 1-14a 2-01a, 2-03a, 2-04a, 2-13a
HWB 1-19a 2-19a
TCH 1-07a 2-05a


  • WHEN DINOSAURS ROAMED (available from April 2018): Designed to tie-in with this summer’s Dinosaurs exhibition, pupils will explore the exhibition and follow this up by creating their own art work to reflect and consolidate their learning. The workshop is free but there will be a charge for the exhibition.


  • EXHIBITION CREATOR WORKSHOP: Explore the world of museums and how they work in this interactive workshop. Using teamwork, problem solving and creativity pupils will create their own exhibitions using some of the objects from our collections. Pupils will also be able to investigate and evaluate our museum displays and to learn about museums in general – who works here and what kind of skills are needed to get our exhibitions up and running.
  • MY FIRST MUSEUM VISIT – EARLY LEVEL ONLY (1 hour 30 mins): Join us as we introduce younger children to a museum environment and the people involved in its work. We will look around the museum, investigate objects from the museum collections, dress up and explore characters from the past and find out who works here and what they do. Pupils will finish off by making a souvenir to take home to remind them of their visit.



Workshops are offered to all PKC schools with a suggested donation of £1 per head.


Our primary school workshops are delivered at Perth Museum and Art Gallery.

Dates and Times

The regular programme is available all year round.  Please enquire about availability. Workshops can take place any time between 10am and 3pm (10-12 or 12:30-2:30 is standard). Classes are welcome to stay longer than the booked workshop, eat lunch in the Lecture Hall and look around the rest of the Museum self-guided. Resources are available to download from the Teacher Resources page, to help pupils explore the Museum.


The maximum number for one workshop is 33 pupils. For groups of up to 45 pupils we can deliver a morning workshop for half the group, while the other half does self-guided activities in the museum and then swap over for the afternoon.


We suggest a donation of £1 per pupil for visits to the Museum.

For further enquiries, or to plan and organise a visit, contact:

Nicola Dibley


Telephone: 01738 477037

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