Eight fascinating LEGO® facts

6th March 2017

As touring LEGO® exhibition comes to Perth, we celebrate the world’s favourite toy with eight fascinating LEGO® facts

This month will see the popular Brick City LEGO® come to Perth Museum and Art Gallery in an exciting, interactive exhibition that lasts from March 7th to May 7th. To celebrate, we’re sharing 10 little-known facts for LEGO® fans of all ages.

  1. If it sometimes feels like LEGO® Minifigures are taking over your home, you might not be wrong. The world’s population is 7.1 billion…. and there are more than 4 billion Minifigures in the world. That’s 340 million a year!
  2. Take six eight-studded LEGO® bricks and you’ll be able to fit them together in no less than 915,103,765 combinations. Good luck!
  3. Twice named Toy of the Century, LEGO’s brick design has not changed since 1958… which means if you have any 60-year-old bricks lying around, they’’ll fit together with today’s brand new ones.
  4. LEGO® isn’t actually a Danish word, it’s a combo of two Danish words: ‘leg’ meaning ‘play’ and ‘godt’ meaning ‘good.’ We think you’ll agree it’s appropriately named.
  5. The LEGO® sense of fun goes beyond just the product. One day last year, the LEGO Group held its first play day at its offices, when the company’s employees got to leave their desks and, for four hours, just play.
  6. Eat your heart out, Goodyear. With 306 million produced a year, LEGO® is by far the world’s largest producer of wheels. And the design of the wheel took four whole years to get right.
  7. A giant version of London’s Tower Bridge last year won the title of World’s Largest LEGO® sculpture, with 5,805,846 bricks.
  8. TV presenter James May plus a bunch of volunteers built a real LEGO® house – complete with functioning toilet, hot shower and (rather uncomfortable) bed. Sadly, the TV show project was demolished after the producers failed to find anybody to buy and move it.

Brick City, the long-awaited touring LEGO® exhibition, comes to Perth Museum and Art Gallery on March 7th to May 7th. A feast for LEGO® lovers of all ages, it will feature more than 50 LEGO® models including a replica of St Pancras Station. As well as the exhibition, visitors will be able to enjoy a LEGO® play pit, a Minecraft corner and more. The official opening is on Saturday, March 11.

For more information visit www.culturepk.org.uk

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