About the Archive

The aim of Perth & Kinross Archive is to select, preserve, and make available to the highest standards, the records of Perth & Kinross Council and its predecessors, and those of local individuals, estates, businesses and organisations.

The principal functions of the Perth & Kinross Archive are to:

  • select public records regarded as worthy of permanent preservation
  • acquire other historical records of local and national importance, or which otherwise merit preservation
  • divert, devolve or transfer records to other appropriate repositories and make suitable arrangements for the disposal of other material
  • preserve and manage all records selected for permanent preservation to professional archival standards
  • promote and provide access to the information in the records within the constraints of legislation, the physical condition of the records and donor restrictions; access to the records being provided through direct consultation or where possible via surrogates, and by producing finding aids
  • provide advice and support to owners and potential depositors of records
  • provide advice and support to local communities who wish to preserve and celebrate their heritage
  • advise council officials on the management of their records
  • deploy the resources available to Perth & Kinross Archive in the most effective and efficient manner to meet the above functions

‘Everyone has a history and we’ve got a bit of yours’. The Archive looks after collections created by local organisations and people, as well as the Council’s records.

Over the years, many individuals, families and groups have gifted or deposited their records with us. They have helped the region’s history and culture to survive. Their collections are the basic tools of learning about and understanding the region’s past.

Any records passed to us are stored in our purpose-built repository in environmentally controlled conditions. We preserve and manage the collections, which includes making them available for consultation in the search room, supervised by Archive staff.

We are always glad to hear of any collections relating to Perth and Kinross. If you think you have material which may be of interest, you can contact the Archive for information and advice. We can either visit you or view the records here in the Archive. We can discuss on what terms you would like to deposit your records or advise you on their care. We can even help you set up your own community archive.

Please help support us

We are incredibly grateful to all our donors, supporters and sponsors.