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The 2017-18 Strategic Operating Plan for Culture Perth and Kinross sets out the high level activity which will be undertaken to deliver key organisational objectives and priorities. It has been developed by the Senior Management team as the key operational plan for the service, under which much more detailed team, project and individual plans sit. The Operating Plan sits within the strategic planning context of local and national planning priorities as set out within the Perth and Kinross Council Priorities for Culture 2016 – 2021, the Perth and Kinross Community Plan and the National Performance Framework.

The Strategic Operating Plan is reviewed on a rolling basis and will be fully revised each year. Actions and activity identified within the plan will support achievement of the Key Performance Indicators for the organisation as agreed with Perth and Kinross Council. The plan will be referred to by all staff in the development and delivery of their day to day activity.

Key documents can be downloaded below:


The activities and performance of Culture Perth and Kinross are monitored externally in a number of ways. As our principle funder Perth and Kinross Council have identified a number of key performance indicators or KPI’s by which they monitor the performance of the Services Contract between PKC and CPK. These are reviewed on an annual basis and are set out below. Any changes or movements from 2016/17 are noted beside the relevant indicator.

In addition to the KPI’s themselves, targets are being set for each. These will be based on 2016/17 performance and will include a number of stretch as well as maintenance targets.

The KPI’s also form the basis for reporting at a national level on performance through the annual CIPFA Return (Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy). This report informs Scottish and UK Governments on the performance of Museums, Archives and Libraries to support policy development and strategic decision making.

The KPI’s with some key additional internal organisational indicators are reported to the Culture Perth and Kinross Board on a quarterly basis and are monitored through the Finance and resources Committee.

Key documents relating to performance can be downloaded below:


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